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Hardkorr Dimmer Flush Mount Panel

Our Dimmer Flush Mount Panel will allow you to easily flush mount your Hardkorr push-button dimmer into any flat surface. They are handy for ute canopies, boat dashboards and many other applications.

This handy accessory works with all Hardkorr push-button dimmers including tri-colour, orange & white and blue & white (marine) variants. The dimmer itself is sold separately.

The panel requires a 120mm (h) x 35mm (w) cut-out with 15mm depth allowance, and can be fastened with four 6-6 rivets, 10G screws or an adhesive such as Sikaflex.



Compatible withTri-colour push-button dimmers
Orange & white push-button dimmers
Blue & white (marine) push-button dimmers
MaterialsABS plastic panel
316 stainless steel bracing strips & screws
External dimensions150mm (h) x 50mm (w) x 15mm (d)
Cut-out size120mm (h) x 35mm (w)
Fasten with4 x 6-6 rivets or 10G screws (not included)

Pack Contents

1xFlush mount panel
2xBracing strips

Hardkorr Dimmer Flush Mount Panel

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