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Saber Offroad 12K Ultimate Recovery Kit

The Saber Offroad 12K Ultimate Recovery Kit is a suitable 4wd recovery kit for kinetic rope and winch recoveries in large vehicles, including GVM upgrade Landcruiser 200 and 79 series, and American trucks.


  • 9m 12,500kg Kinetic Recovery Rope: 50% more stretch to reduce the shock on your vehicle
  • 2 x  20,000KG HDX Technora Bound Soft Shackle : Seriously strong soft shackles are easier to use than the metal alternatives
  • 20m 9500kg Black SaberPro®️ Winch Extension Rope with Bound Eyes: When you need extra rope, you’re covered
  • 3m 15,000kg SaberPro®️ Utility Rope: The “Swiss Army Knife” of recovery gear is a winch extension, tree trunk protector, equaliser rope and non-standard recovery point
  • Ezy-Glide Recovery Ring: Replaces the need for a traditional snatch block with a lightweight alternative designed specifically for synthetic rope.
  • 18,000kg SaberPro®️ Soft Shackle with Sheath: Used for all types of vehicle, marine and agriculture recovery
  • Winch damper: Should a break happen, the winch damper will absorb it and reduce the recoil to keep you safe
  • Recovery gloves: Hard-wearing and designed for support and protection
  • Recovery Gear Bag: A high-quality, Aussie-made bag keeps everything in easy reach

Saber Offroad 12K Ultimate Recovery Kit

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