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As a new business its important to us that our customers share their experience to help us learn and grow.

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"Absolutely awesome craftsmanship and even better support"

Product purchased: LandCruiser 70 - Diff Lock Protector

Robert 09/05/2022

"Awesome product and customer experience. Ben kept me in the loop while he was waiting on delivery and rang to let me know he had the product in stock. Great to deal with, would highly recommend Ben and his products."

Product purchased: Xplore_Aus 9" Head Unit

Dane 09/05/2022

"Recently bought the 9” headunit absolutely love its such an easy install, you buy some headunits that say they are plug n play but aren’t this was a breeze, Ben from Xplore was nothing but helpful even offered to walk me through the install over the phone, can not fault it 👌"

Product purchased: Xplore_Aus 9" Head Unit

Declan 08/05/2022

"Great products and exceptional Customer service. Fitted Perfect and excellent craftsmanship"

Product purchased: LandCruiser 70 - Transfer Case Protector

Adrian 11/04/2022

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